Our Frame Line includes Designers, Sports, and Sunglasses

We specialize in customizing your eyewear to enhance your vision, keeping our eye on fashion and vision trends. Lexington Optical Express offers eyewear that meets your needs: eyeglasses, sunglasses and contact lenses. We carry the latest international brands in modern eyewear so that our clients can look their best.

Our experts will help you choose the perfect frame and prescription lens.



  • High Index Lens
  • Single visions
  • Bi-focal
  • Progressive (multifocal)
  • Transition (photo chromic lenses)
  • Safety glasses (unbreakable)

Contact Lenses

  • Disposable contact lenses from a full range of suppliers.
  • 1-day (dailies)
  • Bi-weekly
  • Multi-focal (progressive)
  • Toric (Astigmatize)
  • Safety glasses (unbreakable)
  • Monthly disposables


Sherry Optical offers a large selection of frames, which include the best designer brands from all over the world.